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SCC Kazakh and Russian languages

SCC is to give students knowledge as part of the updated educational program using differentiated training and forming componential skills. There are general and professional subjects like as Kazakh (Russian) languages and literate, professional Kazakh (Russian) language, paperwork management, foreign literature etc in college.
The head of commission is Bekzat Abiurovna Ahmetova. There are 7 teachers in commission. Teachers teach optional lessons for developing student’s professional skills. Every year we celebrate ten-days-festival for improving student’s skills. Open lessons, intellectual competitions, fairs are spent in ten-days festival.

PCR foreign languages

Nowadays learning a foreign languages is not a goal, it`s some kind of challenge.
There is a list of teachers who help their students studying at qualification of “Guide-translator” of 0512000“Translation profeciancy” to improve a foreign language.
1. A. B. Mukhatova is the chairman of subject cyclic commission, teacher of the First Category
2. A. S. Magzam is the teacher of higher category
3. Z. Y. Abuova is Master of Pedogogical Sciences, the teacher of higher category
4. U. A. Almoldayeva is Master of Pedogogical Sciences, Teacher of the SecondCategory
5. U. K. Bayturina is Master of Pedogogical Sciences, the teacher of higher category
6. S.Z. Nurseitova is the teacher of higher category
7. A.K. Gabdulina is the Mater of Foreign philology
The commission shows good results:
– High percentage of academic progress and quality of knowledge in the final certification;
– High percentage of entering university;
– Productive work with social partners.
There are Joe Baeza`s lessons who is Master in Pedagogical Science in Two Foreign Languages: English and Chinese, various meetings with native speakers to improve our students’ language skills.
We also have partnerships with social partners which does good in effective training of a competent specialist.
Our teachers pay attention to developing new pedagogical technologies. For example: Project Technology, Interactive teaching methods.
Students of “Translation Major” speciality participated in many city and republic events: Summit OBSE 2010, Asian Winter Games 2011, and International EXPO-2017 Exhibition.
Our graduates are leading specialist in Palace of Peace and Reconciliation, Palace of Independence, National Museum and Translation Bureaus.

SCC «Service, economy and management»

Subject-cycle Commission of service, economy and management

Subject-cycle Commission of service, economy and management brings together teachers who teach in the specialties “Tourism” and ” Organization of hotel services.”

Methodical theme of the PCC: the Construction of a modern lesson based on the modular competence approach – as a condition for the preparation of a competent specialist.

Purpose: Improvement of professional competencies of students through the introduction of modular competence approach in teaching special disciplines in the specialties “Tourism” and “Organization of hotel services”.

1. Educational and methodological support of the development of academic disciplines in the specialties “Tourism” and “Organization of hotel services” on the basis of a modular competence-based approach to training;
2. Implementation of innovative pedagogical and information technologies in the educational process aimed at the formation of professionally and socially significant competencies;
3.Professional development of teachers through internships at enterprises and organizations of Nur-Sultan, refresher courses at IPK and self-education.

Teachers of the PCC are the authors of many educational and methodical developments, manuals, complexes, recommendations from experience; use modern methods, forms and means of training, combining them with a differentiated approach to training, which is the formation of professionalism and high academic performance of students.

The composition of the PCC, and these are experienced workers of secondary vocational education, teachers with the highest category, which allows you to solve complex issues of methodological support of the educational process: Sadykova R. K., Musina A. Z., Shaikova G. K. All teachers are systematically working to improve their theoretical and professional level, engaged in self-education, participating in training seminars, scientific and practical conferences in the region.
Teacher Sadykova R. K. organized the work of the travel Agency “Nur-Kanat”, teacher and instructor in sports tourism Kusainov M. T.-tour team “Arlan 37” and the team “EAGI”.

An important component of the training of specialists is educational practice, industrial practice, which allows students to get acquainted with the most modern achievements and technologies in the field of hospitality. . All kinds of practices are held both in classrooms and in modern enterprises of the city of Nur Sultan.

Teachers widely use game technologies, problem learning, solving situational problems, training computer programs, lessons-excursions. lessons-debates, seminars, round tables, etc.

The peculiarity of the work of this PCC in recent years is the introduction of a modular competence approach in training. Teachers Shaikova G. K., Sadykova R. K., Mussina A. Z. were provided refresher training and workshops organized by NAO “holding “Kasipker”.  Teachers have developed working plans of modules, perspective-thematic plans of module and disciplines. At present, there is an accumulation and systematization of developments and didactic material in accordance with the modular competence approach.

PCR general studies

The PCC of general education disciplines leads students of 1-2 courses in the following disciplines: mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, geography, BMT, physical education. The task of the PCC of general education disciplines: to teach first-year students to acquire the skills of independent work in the conditions of information and communication technologies. Teachers successfully work in the cyclic commission of general educational disciplines: higher category Kasen G.A., Doschanova G.K., Alpysbaeva A.B., Zaurbekova S.S., Anetova A.T., Smailov R.T, the second category Mukashov A.T. Esentaeva G.T. The work of the teacher M.T. Zhusipbekovaimed at organizing the discipline of BMT, education of patriotism, courage and honor of students. Teachers of physical education Smailov R.T and A.T. Mukashov fosters the need for a healthy lifestyle, attracting young people to physical education. The PCC of general education disciplines has gained experience in the development and compilation of teaching materials and electronic textbooks, and the use of multimedia lessons. Methodical work is aimed at high-quality teaching of disciplines and professional development of teachers. In the work of teachers, various methods and forms of education are used: lecture and seminar work, lectures with elements of conversation, game lessons using demonstrational training programs, business games, decades, conferences, competitions. Every year, the commission participates in the “Study to Learn” seminar, where first-year students familiarize themselves with the work of the college and the methods of pedagogical activity, the composition of the teaching staff, consider how to work independently, the work of assessment system, preparation for exams, the accumulation of marks for the semester.

SCC of Informarics and programming

Informatization and computerization of society has become an integral part of our life. The development of other fields of activity is directly interrelated with information technology. For this reason, the subject-cyclic commission ofInformatics and Programming of the College of the Eurasian Humanities Institute faces the important task of building an information culture, both students and teachers.
The activities of the SCC teachers are aimed at improving their own scientific and educational level and the training of relevant personnel in the field of information systems.
The subject-cyclic commission of computer science and programming is a friendly, up-to-date teaching staff of the highest, first and second qualification category, consisting of: G. Kh.Baymukhanbetova, A. G.Kaliyeva, Z. N.Yedigenova, A. A. Saydalin. The head of the cyclic commission is A. G. Kaliyeva. The teachers of the commission annually pass professional advanced training courses, take part with reports in scientific conferences, prepare students for the city and republican contests and conferences.
The joint cooperation of students of the Information systems specialty and the teachers in the creation of electronic textbooks, technical assistance in conducting online classes, in publishing and design activities of the college was an important event in the work of the subject-cycle commission. The students of the specialty are responsible for the technical support of college events, the release of media products.
To hold a Profi professional competition among second-year-group students of the specialty with the participation of past graduates who successfully work in the IT departments of the city; to meet with representatives of the profession and the social partners of the college: Kvarta LTD LLP, NAT Kazakhstan JSC, BI-HOLDING LLP, National Information Technologies JSC; to have excursions to automated production: PSC e-gov, Central Administrative Department of Astana Municipal Department of Internal Affairs, Sourepomputer (ENU) has become a tradition.

PCR social and legal disciplines

Subject-cycle commission of social and legal disciplines carries out the work in two directions.
Teachers of social disciplines undertake work on teaching History of Kazakhstan, World History, basis of culture studies, political studies and social studies, philosophy. In the college they are ideological center for students’ and teachers’ education. Teachers use interesting methods and admissions on activation of learning abilities by organizing students’ training activities. Promotion activities, excursions in the capital’s museums, meetings and conversations on commemorative dates take a big place after working hours.
Teachers of law subjects work on the 2nd and 3rd courses by implementing tasks of training module. Teachers of law subjects pay great attention to training of professional skills. It is an organization of all types of practice, cooperation with law enforcement of Astana city, such as Criminal court, civil court and administrative court of Astana city, Akmola region Bar, DIA of Astana city, organizations of meetings with representatives of professions.
It is noteworthy an active participation of students of “Jurisprudence” specialty in research work, contests of professional skill where they take prizes places. Attention is given to the questions of the courseworks’ writing.
Graduates of “Lawyer” specialty are working by their profession, taking military service and studying at universities.

Subject and cyclic comission Preschool education

The head of the united commission SembinaSandugashAmanovna. The commission consists of 8 teachers: Serkebaeva MK, SadykovaA.Zh., Shayakhmetova D.A., Beketova A.S., Tuyakova A.K., KazbekovaN.Zh., Makhmet M.A. These teachers have the highest, first and second category.

Members of the unification commission carry out methodological activities in various fields: level differentiation technology, game technologies, and developmental learning technologies. They also hold pedagogical Olympiads, scientific conferences of the city and republican levels, open lessons, extra-curricular events with the preparation of students for competitions. We develop students’ competencies in a comprehensive direction.Purpose: to develop thinking, enrich vocabulary, be able to freely degenerate your thoughts and specifically express your point of view. The unification fund includes: “Language Theory and Methodology of Development”, Pedagogy ”,“ Psychology ”,“ Formation of Elementary Mathematical Representations ”,“ Elements of Choreography and Rhythmic ”,“ Children’s Literature ”, as well as electronic materials on other subjects .The specifics of the profession can be called “Montessori technology training.” Montessori Technology Learning introduces student effectiveness and teaches how to use the latest technology.