• Лицензия

    ISO 123 - 2020
  • Аккредитационное свидетельство

    IA-B № 0128 от 23 декабря 2019 года

Department heads provide:
•    Manegment of the  educational process of the department;
•    Organizatoin of student’s progress and attendance  records

Secretaries of the training: carry out office work at the office

Dispather of the training: makes a timetable of classes, keep records of hours, responsible for monitoring and implementation of the curriculm by the teachers.

Anetova Asiya Tursynovna

Head of Department


Specialty: «Physics»

Qualification: «Teacher of physics»

Teacher of the highest category

Work experience

Common length of work – 42 year

Pedagogic length of work – 36 year

Shayahmetova Damilya Abuovna

Head of Pedagogical Department


Specialty: «Pre-school education and training»

Qualification: «Teacher of pre-school organizations»

Teacher of special disciplines

Master’s Degree of pedagogical science

Work experience

Total work experience – 7 years

Teaching experience – 6 years


Phone number: +7 (7172) 68-00-82

Mobile phone: +77077896701

E-Mail: damilasaahmetova19@mail.ru

Makremova Zhanar Tokhtarovna

Branch manager


Specialty: «History»

Qualification: «History teacher»

Teacher of the first category

Work experience

Total work experience – 21 years

Teaching experience – 16 years

Zhetibaeva Botakoz Nurgazievna

Secretary of study


Speciality: «Pedagogy & psychology»

Qualification: «Psychology teacher»

Work experience

Total work experience – 1 year