Within the framework of the decade of the SCC of foreign languages on the basis of the social partner of the College Palace of Peace and Reconcilation was held a competition of professional skills in the format of WorldSkills on the competence of "Guide-translator" among the 2nd year students of the specialty "Translation". The competition of professional skills was aimed at improving the quality of the educational process, as well as understanding the social significance of their future profession.
The event was held on 11 April and was attended by the 2nd year students of the specialty "Translation", they are: Ansabaeva Akmaral, Yessarieva Tolkyn, Irgebay Aigerim, Kapezova Gulraushan, Sagadibekova Aikunіm, Ukibay Ulzhalgas, Beksultanova Ainur, Tanabaeva Altynai, Temergalieva Kamila, Abdrakhmanova Naina, Makisheva Malika, Musaeva Nazerke, Rakhimzhan Merei.
The competition of professional skills for students was designed to promote comprehensive professional training of students. The competition was organized in the form of face-to-face competitions, providing tours of the halls of the Palace of Peace and Reconcilation, held during a certain period andthe ceremony finish with the determining the winners. Participants of the competition of professional skill demonstrated practical training, professional skills, showed creativity and high culture of work, possession of professional vocabulary.
For the competitionwas formeda jury. The jury included:
• Mukhushbaeva Ardak Keneskalievna,  head of sector of services to the visitors of Palace of Peace and Reconcilation;
• Baymukhanbetova Gulzhan Khamitovna, Deputy Director for training and production work;
•Tokmurzina Sholpan, senior guideof sector of services to the visitors of Palace of Peace and Reconcilation;
Following the results of the competition, the best students were identified to pass the educational and technological practice on the basis of a social partner as guides and interpreters.
 Participants of the competition and the jury gave positive feedback on the organization and conduct of the competition. The event showed high readiness of the contestants, as well as understanding of social significance of their future profession by our students.
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15 05 19 06The fifth anniversary competition of professional skill "I am a Interpreter ", took place on April 29 on the basis of EAGI college. Competition was held according to the management plan of education Astana. The fifth city competition of professional skill "I am a Interpreter " brought together the best students from seven colleges of the city. This year students of the following colleges were built before us in a solemn rank:
1. Lingva college
2. Humanitarian college
3. college of Management and Business
4. college of KAZGYuU
5. EAGI college
6. college of Innovative technologies
7. Industrial and economic college
Students of the specialties "Translation Business" and "Foreign language" gathered in college to battle and check the knowledge, to receive well-deserved rewards, to listen to a tornado of applause and even more to strengthen belief in the forces. Competition consisted of three most interesting and most difficult stages. Translation of the text was the first stage of competition. At the second stage of competition students showed the video excursions to the subject "Kazakhstan — Heart of Eurasia". The third stage of competition was one of the most interesting, winners last interviewed on the set subject of participants of current competition.
15 05 19 05Competitive tasks were estimated by competent jury which consisted of teachers, social partners of college.
Entered into jury of competition:
- The chairman of jury - Kosherbay Zhanar Arnautkyzy - the Methodologist on industrial practice work of TIPO and professional development of Department of education of the city of Astana.
- Benjamin Goodwin – the academic director of the educational center "Capital education"
- Aliyeva  Gulshan Ayvazkyzy – the director of translation bureau "Gala translations"
- Zharasova Asemgul Amanayevna – the director of the center of development of competence of "Astana Education"
- Doldinova Saule Ayaganovna, senior teacher of chair of foreign languages of the Eurasian  humanitarian institute.
Winners and prize-winners of competition became:
The Grand Prix – college of KAZGYuU
1 place – EAGI college
2 place – college of Management and Business
3 place – Lingva college.
15 05 19 04Judges summed up the results of competition and diplomas of winners and certificates are handed to participants, and also memorable prizes.
Winners became:
1. The Grand Prize - College of KAZGYuU. The team was handed the diploma, a memorable figurine, the annual certificate on training of Chinese (The sponsor - the Center of development of competence of "Astana Education").
2. 1 place – EAGI college. The team was handed the diploma, a memorable figurine, the certificate on training of English.
(The sponsor - Translation bureau "Gala Translations").
3. The 2nd place – college of management and business. The team was handed the diploma, a memorable figurine, the certificate on training of English. (The sponsor - the Language center "Capital Education").
4. The 3rd place – Lingva college. The team was handed the diploma, a memorable figurine, a computer font. (The sponsor – the Eurasian humanitarian institute).
5. Contestants of college of innovative technologies, industrial and economic college, humanitarian college received certificates and figurines.
Participants of competition and heads gave positive reviews of the organization of competition and pithiness of tasks.
The competition "I am a Interpreter " which became already traditional will open further talented students.

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tiy14-01The 2nd of October 2014 held city competition of professional skill "Tourism and Me" at the College of the Eurasian Humanitarian Institute. The purpose of the event: is assistance in the promotion of specialty "Tourism", the development of practical skills to overcome natural obstacles on the course, as well as the actualization of creative abilities of students.
The competition was attended by students of 2, 3-year college of Astana city, specialty "Tourism":
•    «Nur kanat.kz" (College EAGI);
•    «Konaev kyrandary" (College im.Kunaeva).
•    «Okzhetpes" (Multi College of Astana akimat)
•    «Stimulus" (Polytechnic College)
•    «The Flame" (Polytechnic College)
•    «Edelweiss" (College Kaz UTB)
tiy14-02Opening the competition was held with the participation of Abenova MK, director of the station "Young tourists" of Astana city; Kosherbaev JA, Methodist Office of Education; Sadykova JA, Senior Lecturer in "Tourism" ENU im.L.N. ENU; Abzhanova SA Director of "Arman-Tour" Fedasil TY Director of "Turalpindustriya."
The competition was held in three stages:
•    First step: presentation of the team;
•   The second stage: the development and presentation of excursions on a particular subject;
•    The third stage: consolidation of theoretical and practical knowledge and skills - Tourism obstacle.
The competition ended reflection and award winners.
Winners of the competition were:
tiy14-03•    Grand Prix - the team "Okzhetpes" (Multi College of Astana akimat);
•    1 place - "Nur kanat.kz" (College EAGI);
•    2 place - "Stimulus" (Polytechnic College);
•    3rd place - team "Konaev Kyrandary" (College im.Kunaeva).
Participants were given positive feedback on the organization and content of city competition of professional skill "Tourism and I". Holding such competitions allows you to assign work and theoretical knowledge and skills in practice, get expert advice to obtain an estimate of knowledge and level of preparedness competitive specialist in demand in the tourism sector by competent specialists of this profile.



14-05-16-6Ставший уже традиционным конкурс профессионального мастерства  «Я - переводчик», прошел 16 мая  на базе колледжа ЕАГИ. Конкурс был проведен совместно с Управлением образования г. Астана. Четвертый по счету городской конкурс профессионального мастерства «Я - переводчик» собрал четырнадцать участников из семи колледжей города. В этом году выстроились перед нами в торжественную шеренгу студенты следующих колледжей: колледж «Лингва», Гуманитарный колледж, колледж Университета имени Д.А. Кунаева, колледж Управления, колледж Менеджмента и Бизнеса, колледж КазГЮУ, колледж ЕАГИ. Студенты специальностей «Переводческое дело» и «Иностранный язык» собрались в стенах нашего колледжа, чтобы сразиться и проверить свои знания,  получить заслуженные награды, выслушать шквал аплодисментов и еще более укрепить веру в свои силы. Конкурс состоял из трех интереснейших и сложнейших этапов.             
Первым этапом конкурса было лексико-грамматическое тестирование. Вторым этапом конкурса стал перевод текста. В третьем этапе конкурса студенты продемонстрировали свои видеоэкскурсии на тему «Астана – город ЭКСПО, город больших возможностей», данный этап был одним из интереснейших. Участниками конкурса были предложены вариации на проведение экскурсии  по «городу будущего».  
Конкурсные задания оценивало компетентное жюри, которое состояло из преподавателей, социальных партнеров колледжа. 
В жюри конкурса входили:14-05-16-4
•    Бенджамин Гудвин – академический директор образовательного центра «Capital education»
•    Алиева Гульшан Айвазкызы – директор переводческого бюро «Gala translations»
•    Жарасова Асемгуль Аманаевна – директор центра развития компетентностей  «Astana Education»
•    Волкова Людмила Васильевна – заведующая  кафедрой иностранных языков Евразийского гуманитарного института, доцент.
•    Кабдушева Айсулу Бахтыбаевна – старший преподаватель кафедры иностранной филологии Евразийского Национального университета.
Победителями и призерами конкурса стали:
Гран-при – команда колледжа ЕАГИ
1 место – команда колледжа КазГЮУ  
2 место – команда Гуманитарного колледжа
3 место – команда колледжа «Лингва».
Участниками конкурса и руководителями были даны положительные отзывы об организации конкурса и содержательности заданий. Ставший уже традиционным конкурс «Я-переводчик» будет и дальше раскрывать талантливых студентов.




2 октября 2013 года  прошел  конкурс профессионального мастерства «Туризм и Я » на базе колледжа Евразийского гуманитарного института.13-10-02-3

В конкурсе приняли участие команды:
•    «Нур-канат.kz» (колледж ЕАГИ);
•    «Жалын» (колледж им.Кунаева);
•    «Эдельвейс» (колледж Каз УТБ);
•    «Алые паруса» (колледж им.Кунаева).


Открытие   конкурса   состоялось   при  участии Абенова М.К., директора станции «Юных туристов» города Астаны; Абжановой  С.А. директора МТА «Арман-Тур»; Бельжанова К.Б., инструктора по туризму школы №14 г.Астаны.13-10-02-4

Победителями и призерами конкурса стали:
•    Гран-при –  команда «Нур-канат.kz»;
•    1 место – команда « Алые паруса»;
•    2 место – команда «Жалын»;
•    3 место – команда «Эдельвейс».

    Участниками  были даны положительные отзывы об организации и содержательности конкурса профессионального мастерства  «Туризм и Я»,  который будет способствовать качественной подготовке специалистов в области туризма и сотрудничеству между колледжами.