Dazzling smiles exciting rooms and irresistible outfits-everything it filled the Convention  hall of the Eurasian Institute for the Humanities. On March 13, 2019 the annual large-scale beauty contest «Miss  College of  EAGI-2019». 9 beautiful college girls fought for the title «Miss College EAGI-2019» , they were shown a variety of creative rooms .Our girls showed their irresistible gait, artisty and charm. Guests of this event were model Agency Fashion Provocation.Vice- Miss Astana-2012 and representative model Agency Fashion Provocation  Anna Levitskaya as well as former Miss EAGI College. The winner of the official beauty cpntest Miss Eagi College has become a bright  very talented and pretty girl- Zhumagalieva Benazir with  what we congratulate her!I Vice Miss has become Syzdykova Riza. II Vice Miss Smagulova Amina.

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November 28, students of the 1st  and 4th courses of our college were guests of the dance complex  «Autumn Ball», organized by the youth club of  Astana. In the evening , the head of the city of Astana, Ukibay Nurpeisov , wished the young people good lick and wished them success in people performed well and gave good lick to the guests. Celebration continued joyous dance..

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On October 21, a large-scale «Astana City Quest» event took place. This time this event was between university students and young GOSS employees. There, the students of our Beibit Abylaikhan, Abilda Aydaulet and Beksultanov Diyar together with the Chairman of the KDM Tolganay Ersinovna were the organizers of this event!

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On October 7, a large-scale event took place between the colleges – «Astana City Quest». Under the guidance of the Chairman of the KDM Smankulova Tolganai Ersinovna. They took part and successfully took the 1st place students of our college. Namely: Students of groups KЯЛ-41 Әbіlda Aydaulet, Пк-21 Beibit Abylaykhan, KЯЛ-21 Abdukalieva Ainur, KЯЛ-21 Baidolda Aygerіm, ПДр-21 Nasurla Aygerіm.

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