"Studenthood is truly the best period of life," with such a motto on November 16, Youth Resource Center "Astana Zhastary" held a youth festival in conjunction with the capital's colleges, dedicated to the International Students Day.
The event was held in the shopping and entertainment center "Mega Silk Way", where students from 35 secondary specialized educational institutions of Astana city presented their creative numbers from different genres of art: vocal, choreography, theatrical art, playing musical instruments, expressive reading, etc.
From the college of Eurasian Institute of Humanities there were dance groups: "Erkenaz", "Black chains" and third-year students of the specialty "Translation" Orazaeva Ulzhan and An Denis.
Students are a special class, a special caste. These young people who comprehend science have always striven for everything new and tried to be the first in everything. They treasured and were proud of their rank. Student's time is the best time when people easily converge despite any difference, be it nationality, the situation in their parents' society, way of life and other characteristics of everyone that are not accepted at this time. Students for many years of their existence have their own special student traditions, sometimes serious, and sometimes ridiculous, which are observed by them from year to year and passed down from generation to generation. One of these traditions is its student holiday.
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Every year the Autumn Cross  "Altyn kүz - 2017" is held in the College of the Eurasian Humanitarian Institute.
This year students of the  first and second courses took part in the race. The boys ran at a distance of  3000m, and the girls at a distance of 1000m.
So the best time was shown among the boys – Muratov Temirhan the group PK-11 (8 min 38s.) Anarkulov Adil PDK-11  (8 min. 45s.), Morskoi Danila PDR-12(8 min.46s.), Аzizov Madiyar TR-11 (8 min.49 s.), Muhamedshin Damir ISR-21 (8 min. 56 s.) and Alekseev Dmitriy ISR-21  (9 min. 8s.) and among girls – Rybina  Anzhelika DVR-11 (3 min.18s.), Efimovich Kseniya  DVR-11(3min.19s.), Kravec Polina  DVR-11 (3min. 20s.) Мuhamed’ya Aygerim  DVR-21 (3min.25 s.),  Hanieva Yuliya KLL-21 (3min.34s.) and Ibragim Zubarzat DVK-21 (3min.45s.).  
All participants of the race received a huge charge of vivacity and good mood.

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Оn the fifth of October in the college of Eurasian Institute of Humanities Institute there has passed a concert "from heart to heart". He was on the Day of the Elderly Man. By this event the first-year students wanted to show their attention to others, and also to show an example of showing respect to the elders. In our time, young people sometimes do not notice the love and care of parents, take it for granted. Inattention and disrespect for elders is a serious problem of society. And such activities are necessary and very useful. In the concert program "heart to heart" students sang spiritual songs. danced an incendiary dance and even read the poems of their own compositions. It can be noted that this was the debut performance of freshmen on the stage of the college, which made a good impression on the audience. The concert was small. But soulful and memorizing.

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