Our ancestors said « Without unity there is no life» The 1st of May - the Day of Unity of Kazakhstan People. Friendship and unity of Kazakhstan people is the guarantee and support of statehood.
Bright spring holiday was held in Eurasian Institute of Humanities College friendly and cheerful concert, which were made by the representatives of different nationalities. National costumes and national character of the participants of the concert fascinated the guests of the festive program.
This holiday holds a special place in the lives of all students and teachers of our College, as more than 130 representatives of Kazakhstan Nations and nationalities are celebrating harmony and unity, peace and friendship of all people living under one Shanyrak.

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The Committee for youth Affairs of the College EAGI was a discussion on the topic «Best sides to be a leader». The tasks, objectives were achieved during the discussion

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On 19th February, the students of the College EAGI took part in the competition «Колледжаруы-2016».The competition was attended by 11 girls. KataevaDilara, Miss of the contest «Колледж аруы-2016», gave the crown to another participant.
According to the results of the competition «Колледж аруы-2016»is  Chibotar Diana, group – DVR-11The first Vice-Miss- Diana, group PDR-21The second Vice-Miss – SundetovaKamila, group PDR-31                                               
In the nomination «Miss people's choice» has won Zholan Asia, OGH-11
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On 16th February held a competition, dedicated to the 25th Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The competition «Шаттық 2016» was attended by students of the College EAGI, among which Shimenbai Kairat( KYAL -31) was awarded a diploma in nomination "Photography".

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