Under the leadership of the musical director Zhanseitova Aygerim Zhenisovna. It made the decision to carry out a casting in college, to select students with vocal skills and to create a vocal circle. 11 students were accepted, from them judging by voice date on September 29 were selected in the girl's girls-band with strong voices:
Koychuman Perizat PDK-31, Karashashova Dilara of OGH-31, Sakenova Sadiya of OGH-31, Sovetova Kamila PDK-31, Kemal  Damira KYaL-31
During creative work the DYNAMIK group changed structure. At the moment in group Koychuman Perizat PDK-31, Karashashova Dilara of OGH-31, Sakenova Sadiya of OGH-31, Sovetova Kamila PDK-31. Girls are not only well sing, but also study without separation from study.
The group acted:
On a charity concert of shopping and recreation center "Khan Shatyr" who organized the 7th channel, in the nomination "Capital Stars";
Holiday "Nauryz" on a square of the city of Astana 2014;
In KMIB college in the nomination Vocal group, Rixos President hotel, Day of tourism of 2014.
On December 13, 2014 the DYNAMIK group gave the first solo concert in EAGI college. At a hall there were students of college, and also the invited guests, teachers and parents of participants of group.

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On November 21, 2014  passed the competition  «Golden voice»
7 students of 1,2,3 courses took part in competition of college.
Competition consisted of 2 stages: І round - solo performance
ІІ round - one in one
Competition results:
•    Bayakhmetov Ruslan ІІІ place
•    Tenyzbay Araylym ІІ place
•    Smambetov Adiel І place
•    Omashev Alikhan the diploma for participation
•    Zhenys Aknur the diploma for participation
•    Beysenova Asiya the diploma for participation
The student of the 1st course Kuzhumuratov Bekzhan became the winner in the competition "Golden voice"

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The 29th of November at the Palace of schoolchildren "Admission" was held in the evening. This reception was attended team of KVN, music group "Dynamic", pop star Dinmuhamed Kopbolsyn group "Edem-ai" as well as performers on different national instruments of different peoples gave much joy and fun to the audience. This site has collected students EAGI college, youth, bright personalities and happy smiles.



14-11-17-2On the 17th of November  in college of the "Transport and Communications", Department of Education, held at a high level meeting of "Young adults–future of the country." On the faces of each participant could see patriotic feelings.









The 4th of November, in the college of EAGI was a festive concert the «Name of teacher - high and eternal». A concert was organized by the teachers of  Kazakh and literature. A concert passed high-level.