Presidential elections of the college is very important not only for the candidates for the EAIH College President position, but also for college students. For when choosing among the candidates, each takes responsibility for the student life. The Elections were held in December 8, 2017 in the college conference hall, where the polling station was. The elections were democratic and transparent. The Commission included active members and monitors of the groups as well as members of the college administration. There were 6 candidates for the position of President, all of them the students of the 1st and 2nd years:
-Beksultanov Diyar   KYAL-11
-Kenesova Zarina DVK-21
-Irgebai Aigerim  PDK-21
-Abdihaimov Nurtugan  ISR-21
-Taubai Erkanat  PR-11
-Nasurla Aigerim  PDR-11
The Polling station worked from 9.00 to 17.00. All the students and teachers were enabled to vote. The results are as follows:
Beksultanov Diyar (KYAL-11) - 189 votes,
Kenesova Zarina (DVK-21) - 111 votes, Irgebai Aigerim (PDK-21) – 90 votes.
We wish success and bright future to those who had won because they make the body of the new College Government!

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