04.02.2017 methodological association of curators meeting was held, in which superintendent of MO Katrenova A.K spoke with report « The influence of destructive sects to the youth». The report was accompanied with a video material, presentation, and caused great interest to curators.  While discussing the theme of the report curators suggested to invite members of Committee for religious affairs for conducting preventive talks with students.  College psychologist Beketova A.S has told about neocults and their kinds, explained about huge influence of destructive sects to teenager’s and youth’ s environment. « Neocults and their kinds» reminders were compiled for curators.

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IMG 5788In 2014 on the 6 th of November at college of Eurasian Humanitarian Institute was held the regular session of curators methodological association. On the agenda were considered two issues:
1.Conceptual foundation of education
2.Work of the student government as an important condition for the development of leadership skills of students.
Of the first issue together with the head curators methodological association working with A.K. Katrenova in groups actively discussed the criteria and mechanisms producing activities of curators in the priority areas of educational work.
On the second issue head of the Committee on Youth by N.T. Duisekova were proceedings of the student government conducted analysis of the Committee on Youth.
Following the session made the following decisions:
1.Use a variety of approaches to the organization of education work.
2.To apply new forms of work with students 1,2 courses

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