On October 18, 2019, students of the 4th year of EAGI College majoring in "Preschool education and training" held a practical defense. "The first days of the child at school" practice on the topic: 02.09-14.09.2019. June's. The purpose of the practice is to deepen knowledge about the content of methods of teaching and upbringing of children, to observe the peculiarities of the period of adaptation of children to the new environment.

From 23.09-04.10.2019 "Еxperience of the psychologist at the choice of the student". The purpose of this practice is to form ideas about the features, tasks and skills of professional activity of psychologists in preschool institutions. The defense of the experience was held in the form of a master class. Students of the second and third courses, teachers of the College, psychologist and kindergarten teacher "Ayazhan" were invited to this defense and shared their knowledge with them. Students were divided into 4 groups and conducted psychodiagnostics, physical warm-up for children from the group of pre-school training "Zhas Dauren" kindergarten "Ayazhan", training with teachers, work on Montessori technology. Students presented didactic manuals made by their own hands. As a result of the work of teachers, the protection of experience was highly appreciated.

Head of practice: Sembina Sandugash Amanovna


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October 8 was an open lesson in the group Tr-21 discipline "tourism Economics" on the topic " calculation of the cost of excursions."
This lesson was conducted by the teacher of special disciplines Shaikova G. K. the Peculiarity of this lesson: the lesson was conducted on the basis of a modular-competence approach in training. Various forms and methods of work were used: group work and work in pairs, the lecture was conducted with elements of conversation. Conducted a test on the previous topic, which the guys performed with an average score of 4.1.
The purpose of the lesson: creating conditions for the formation of ideas about the need to calculate the cost of the tour.
Objectives of the lesson:
- To provide mastering of concepts "cost calculation", "calculation", " excursion hour»;
- To develop the ability to analyze the need to calculate the calculation, to identify the main factors affecting the cost of excursions, to summarize knowledge and draw conclusions for the effective organization of excursions;
- Arouse interest in self-creation of new excursions.
The goals and objectives of the lesson are fully realized. The realization of the purpose of the lesson was based on the example of an excursion to "ALGIERS", which the students visited a year ago.  The lesson was attended by the Methodist of the College Musina A. Z. and teachers: Kalieva A. G., Zhakupova R. T., Sadykova R. K., Makremova Zh. T., Shayakhmetova D. A., A. K., and others.  Teachers noted the effectiveness of modular learning technology in teaching special disciplines. They also noted the competent content of the lesson, the choice of teaching methods and control, multi-level tasks of practical content. The teachers also noted the use of the "module route", which allows to form professional competencies consistently. In the final stage of the lesson, the children were given the task-to prepare information about the planned excursion, the calculation of the cost of which I present at the last lesson.  At the stage of reflection, students freely and easily noted the professional significance of this lesson.
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On September 29, in the picturesque location of the ski-jumping complex in Shchuchinsk, the iconic race for power endurance Race Nation Burabay, held by the team "Extreme athletics" with the support of the akimat of Akmola region, MIA "Kazinform" reports with reference to the Department of internal policy of the region.
Race Nation Burabay-2019 is held in the framework of the project "Four seasons" and is timed to the international day of tourism, reports . RACE NATION or "RACE of the NATION" is an impressive cross-country race with artificial obstacles. The unique race gathered about 500 athletes from all over Kazakhstan, as well as Russia, Turkey and Tajikistan. The 5 km long track accommodates 27 unique obstacles-handrails, walls and ramps, weight transfer and barbed wire-all this makes you work to the limit.
Results of this competition:
2 place baytasov Alisher in section " Open."
6 place-Danilevsky Alexander
5th place-Esembaev Tamerlan,
Other athletes entered the top ten.


19 09 30

On September 26, 2019 the training " WE are TOGETHER!"for students living in the hostel. Training exercises were aimed at rallying the team of students, adaptation to the new social situation of development. Development of skills of effective interaction, acquisition of skills of joint activity, determination of status and role position in the team.


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K. K. Tokaev at the open joint meeting of the Chambers of Parliament for the first time as President of the Republic of Kazakhstan delivered a message to the people of Kazakhstan.
On September 4, 2019, among the staff and students of the college of the Eurasian Humanitarian Institute, a discussion of the Message of President Kassym-Zhomart Tokaev to the people of Kazakhstan dated September 2, 2019 was held.
The speaker of the discussion was A. Ospanov, a teacher of history and social disciplines. Among the staff and teachers of the college, a productive discussion took place on the objectives of this Message.


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