05/22/2019 the annual ceremony of awarding the best students of the College of the Eurasian Humanities Institute "Zhyl Tandauy-2019" was held in the form of "Oscar". More than 60 students were awarded with diplomas and statuettes in 12 nominations. The event was warm, sincere and creative. The guests and students were overwhelmed with feelings of celebration, delight and positivity.

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On April 16, 2019 in the College of the Eurasian Humanities Institute in the framework of the annual plan of educational and industrial work was organized "Job Fair" for graduates of the specialty "Pre-school education and training" enrolled in the state educational grant.
The main purpose of this event was to promote employment and employment of graduates of the EAGI college.
The "Job Fair" was attended by: Kazakhstan Association of Private Pre-School Organizations, GССЕ kindergartens № 85, 76, 32,19, 27, 4; Pre-school childkindergarten “Merey”, “Abzali” LLP, “Aliya” LLP, children's development center, etc. An exhibition of students' creative works has been drawn up, a professional portfolio and a summary of future specialists of pre-school education have been compiled.
During the fair, graduates, within the walls of their college, had the opportunity to have an interview, get answers to their questions, leave their resumes. As a result, graduates decided to choose having concluded a preliminary agreement with the employer.
The job fair showed that the preparation of competitive specialists is a priority task of the college, and the employment of graduates in accordance with the received specialty is one of the main activities of the EAGI college.
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On February 27, 2019 in the Atomic Energy Information Center (AEIC Astana city) was held the regional tour of the popular game “What? Where? When? ”In the framework of the VI All-Russian synchronous championship on intellectual games among schoolchildren and college students of 1-2 courses“Formula of intellect 2019 ”.
Among the 19 teams from Astana, 2 teams from the College of the Eurasian Humanities Institute also took part.
The regional tour was held with the active assistance of the Russian Center of Science and Culture (RCSC), which invited VitalyOrekhov, the player of the television version of the “What? Where? When?".
V.E. Orekhov congratulated the participants, wished them good luck and shared his experience with the participants.
During the game, students of the 1st course of college EAGI showed their knowledge in various fields of science, and also expressed a desire to participate in such intellectual games in the future.
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According to the Plan of the Department of Education the intellectual game called "Connoisseurs of the language" was held in the informational center of atomic energy of the Schoolchildren's Palace.
The event was held on February 13 and was attended by seven teams from the colleges of Astana: Humanitarian college, the college of Kazakh Humanities and Law Institute, Trade and economic college of Kazakh consumers association KAZCOOP, "Lingua" college, the college named after D. A. Kunayev, the college of the Eurasian humanities institute and Kazakhstan International Linguistic college.
The intellectual game "Connoisseurs of language" was held in English in the quiz-type of brain ring game called "What? Where? When?", the coordinator of the game was Seyit Aliyev, also he is the director of informational center of nuclear energy, where regional games of "What? Where? When?" are held. The organizers of the game were the department of Technical and Vocational Education and the teachers of the subject-cyclic commission of foreign languages of the college of the Eurasian humanities institute.
The competition jury consisted of a number of the representatives of the Department of Education, "Kasіpkor" Holding and the social partners of the college: the Head of the Department of Vocational Education and Training of the skilled workers of the Department of Education of Astana S.Q. Basygarayeva;  the General Manager of the "Kasіpkor" Holding Yu. B. Almakhodzhayeva; the Director of the Atomic Energy Information Center of the “Schoolchildren's Palace” SCCE         S.A. Aliyev, a social partner of the college of EAHI and the General Manager of Education Abroad LLP D.T. Omarova; a Senior Lecturer of the Department of Foreign Languages of the Eurasian Humanities Institute and a social partner of EAGI College U.K. Baiturina. The jury highly appreciated the organization and holding of the event, marked the content of the game and it its being a profession-centered one.
The team of the college named after D. A. Kunayev became the winner of the game and it was awarded with the diploma and a crystal owl.  Other teams were also awarded with certificates of participation and the mini crystal owls.
The participants of the game and the team leaders gave positive feedback on the organization of the game. And many participants of the intellectual game “Connoisseurs of the language” expressed their wish to make the game a traditional event for amateurs and connoisseurs of the language.
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The opening of the ten-days “Country's Future, Educated Youth”  of “Pre-school education and training” took place on December 19th. It was noted that the year 2019 was declared the Year of Youth, and the words of The head of the state was supported. This event was held at a high level with the unity of teachers and students.
On December 21 th, our future specialists were able to share experiences and explore the Center's Montessori Center.
Matinee for young kids named "Welcome, New Year" was held on December 25. This matinee gave children a sense of festive mood, as if they were in the country of fairy tales. The puppet theater circle showed a fairy tale of "Masha and the Bear" for the children.
A fair with plenty of souvenirs and dishes named “New Year presents” was held by our talented students on December 26. On the fair students showed a brilliant presents.
December 27, Communicative Game Training "We Are Different And Wonderful". The training was held at a high level. On the training our college students had a great opportunity to communicate with children and made children more happy in different games.
The contest "The best educator" is a competition among students of pre-school education and training was held on December 27. Our talented students were proved that they are real professionals.
The closing of ten days of the specialty "Pre-school education and training" "Country's Future, Educated Youth" was held on December 29. During the closing ceremony, students were awarded with active participation.  This event was held on a high level.
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