ПсихологBeketova Anar Serikovna

Qualification: Bachelor of psychology, I category
Work experience: 11 years

E-mail address: beketova-anara@mail.ru

Psychological service of college Eurasian Institute of Humanities

Psychological service of college is system which aims at creating a faworable psychological help to students. One of the most important tasks of psychological service is the study of the personality of students, help adapting in the team, communication with contemporaries and teachers.
Aim of activity of psychological service is improving common and psycho-pedagogical culture of students, proving practical help, improving psycho-pedagogical competence of teachers, the formation of a holistic view about psychological features of human as a factor of success of his activity.
Beketova Anar Serikovna works in the room of psychological relief. Students of college can address here and get qualified psychological help. Here you will be told how to overcome arising psycho-emotional overloads, adequately evaluate their opportunities, to foresee consequences of their own actions, to find independently best ways of achiving the goal and to oveicome difficulties in life
Psychologist also carries out psychological consultation of students their parents, teachers and administration. Students and parents can always go to a psychologist to consult, to get help and support in dealing with important life problems. psycholodiagnostics is carried out of emotional-volitional sphere, the psychological atmosphere in the group, defining of selfesteem. Besides conversation, students are offered making drawings, applications, to act out situations, test methods and trainings, that help to reveal themselves better as individual reducing stress and anxiety, improving mood swing.
Besides individual work, group trainings are carried out in the process of than students learn to understand each other better and interact with each other, develop their communicative abilities, lern to resolve conflicts. joint working and doing exercises todether help cohesion group, indification and formation of leadership qualities in students.

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