Dazzling smiles, breathtaking numbers and irresistible outfits all filled the conference hall of the Eurasian Institute of Humanities , on 28th February, in 2018, where the beauty contest “Miss of college EAGI 2018” was held.
It has become a tradition to hold an annual beauty and creativity contest since 2008. Representatives of modeling agencies were invited: Jaslan Miras - the ambassador of international companies “Velada group”,
Alina Iglinskaya - representative of the modeling agency "Fashion Provocation"
Kuregenova Zhadi - Founder of the dance group "ARIZONA"
Sagidolla Adilet is a participant of Kazakhstan fashion week and Kenesova Diana - "Miss Karaganda - 2013", "Ms. Bikini CIS-2014", which worthily appreciated the talent and beauty of our contestants.
13 beautiful college girls competed for the title "Miss of college EAGI-2018”, they showed a variety of creative numbers - acting scenes, songs, dressing shows, dances, gymnastics studies ... But the most striking and memorable was the story told with the help of ballroom dance , I Vice-Miss EAGI - Anastasia Kundrikova. The hearts of the jury also captivated the acting skills of the II Vice-Miss EAGI-Ainura Abdugaliyeva.
The winner of the tenth official beauty contest "Miss of college EAGI " was a bright, unordinary, very talented and pretty girl - Diana Ylyukenova, with which we congratulate her! The competition is over, the sets have been removed, and we are already beginning to wait for the organizers to surprise us next year.
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November 30, 2017 in Astana, a grand festive youth ball "Zhana Beles - 2017" was held with the participation of students of higher educational institutions and secondary special educational institutions. About two thousand students from all higher educational establishments of the city and activists of colleges gathered. From the College of Eurasian institute of humanities, students of 2-3 courses, "Miss EAGI-2017" Suinova Aigerim, "II Vice-Miss EAGI-2017" -Kenesova Zarina participated. The participants of this event performed the Vienna Waltz.
The main goal of the evening is to create conditions for the development of friendly contacts between students, to improve cultural education in general,
The evening ended with a concert program. The students were congratulated by Marjan Arapbayeva, the brothers Zhugunusovs, Rinat Maltsagov and other Kazakh pop stars.
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The Charity Fund "Altyn Shuak Zhastary" jointly with the AGF MK "Zhas Otan" in the Nur Otan Party launched the project "Strength 100 tenge-100 Business Projects" which aims to assist in training, financing the accompanying of these projects to poor citizens. our students have provided active assistance in carrying out this Business Project as volunteers carried out all the tasks assigned to this Business Project in the future. Our students plan to continue to help projects similar to this one.

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Every freshman awaits it every year with a sinking heart.
November 2, 2017 in the Palace of Schoolchildren was a solemn ceremony of Initiation of freshmen to students of the college of Eurasian Institute of Humanities. This is one of the most striking traditions in educational institutions. Freshmen became full members of a large and united family, a part of a single whole - they became students of the EAGI college.
The congratulatory speech was prepared by the director of the EAGI college Ashirbekova Alma Dairovna, who wished the first-year students to reach the highest peaks of knowledge, implement bold plans and excellent marks in the record books. Now they have a hard way to go. And the complexity of this path lies in the ability to harmoniously join the team, to find friends, and in responsible serious studies.
Among the guests of the evening were the head of the resource center "Astana Zhastary" Bolysbek Mukhamedzhan and the assistant to the chairman of the "Zhas Otan" Duisenbaev Yernur.
By tradition, first-year students listened to the precepts of undergraduates, pronounced an oath. In the second part of the concert program, musical, dance and poetic congratulations were received from the Committee on Youth Affairs: leading, musical and instrumental group "REMI", dance groups "Erkenaz", "Black chains", "DG team", poetic club "Kozayim" " and etc.
It can be noted that all the concert numbers were performed in a single musical theme, beautifully, emotionally and with good humor. Impressions of students, teachers and guests of the event were the warmest and most joyful.
Once again we congratulate the guys with the official dedication to the students, we wish all freshmen success in their studies, active and bright student life!
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