One of the brightest holidays comes to us – Nauryz! It’s the celebration of peace and creation, love and harmony! Every Kazakh family celebrates it. Representatives of numerous ethnic groups live in unity and mutual understanding in Kazakhstan.
The wonderful spring holiday embodies renovation of not only nature but of the human spirit as well. It has particular influence for people, making them united and kind and creative.
Society today is also motivated by great tasks raised in the Presidents Message to the People of Kazakhstan “Let’s make future together!” Our college both students and staff and graduates make great contribution to it by means of their fruitful and successful work, excellent studies, desire to realize perspective plans into prosperity, high level of education, economical growth of Kazakhstan. The teachers have always been representatives of intelligence, possessors of  spiritual wealth and invaluable knowledge, and their task was to raise new and worthy generation. I can proudly state that EIoH college takes much responsibility and to teach and graduate the best tutors, hotel industry managers, tourism managers, economists. In the conditions of stability we can develop our economics, strengthen independence, and make our country famous all over the world.
Dear friends!  I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart on this bright and cheerful holiday which embodies the celebration of life and faith in your own strength. Let the warm and clear rays of the sun bring peace, harmony to every corner of our big country, and let them bind the bonds of consent, deep mutual respect and understanding. From time immemorial our national features were humanism, kindness, hospitality. All of them are worth keeping. Let’s keep all the wonderful and sacred traditions of human wisdom, forgiveness, mercy, of our ancestors. This great holiday goes together with spring equinox and on this day we should forgive each other  for mistakes and offences, and wish happiness, rest and peaceful future. I wish you all strong health and success. Let our Motherland blossom and prosper!


College Director          A.Ashirbekova