Dear colleagues and students!


Today, on this sunny spring day, I appeal to all the teachers and students of our college in order to cordially congratulate you on International Women's Day on March 8!
This holiday causes a special awe, warmth and tenderness, because a woman is a mother, wife, girlfriend, great worker, and we have long proved that we can become the first in science, business, sports and social of life.
Dmitry Likhachev has these words: "If you live only for yourself, with your petty cares for your own well-being, then there will be no trace of what you have lived. If you live for others, then others will save what you served, which you gave strength to." Undoubtedly, these words can be attributed to the work of a teacher who gives all of himself without a trace to children.
I express to you, dear teachers and dear students, deep appreciation for the dedicated service to the high ideals of education. I am sure that in the future, our activities will be aimed at strengthening the prestige of the profession, developing education, that invaluable experience, dedication, wisdom and patience will allow us to continue to solve serious professional problems. Indeed, in the modern world, quality education is a key condition for the effective development of society. A truly great thing that we are doing is of great importance for the prosperity of Kazakhstan: we are growing our future. All that makes up the very foundations of civilization, humanity owes to people who not only possess knowledge, but who can convey this knowledge to their students. Kazakhstani women have been and remain the core of our society, the pillar of the country and every family. But no matter who the woman is by profession, wherever she works, the main thing is that she is always a source of inspiration and a symbol of the guardian of the hearth, a bastion of good, love and peace.
On this wonderful spring day, I wish you, dear women, a lot of warmth and joy, a lot of positive emotions and health, inexhaustible optimism and faith in the best!
May your eyes shine with happiness, all your dreams and hopes will come true, and you will always have loyal and loving men, reliable friends, and love and support of your near and dear ones give you strength for new achievements and recognition in all areas of your activity! Let luck, prosperity and good mood enter the house of every woman with the first breath of spring, may peace and mutual understanding, prosperity and success always accompany you!

Director of EAGI College A.Ashirbekova