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     «Young Teacher’s School» provides support to  young teachers  in the period of adaptation to new professional conditions. «Young Teacher’s School» consist of  9 young teachers. Head of the «Young Teacher’s School» is Doshanova G.K
     The content of the activity «Young Teacher’s School» deals with these  current topics:
- «Didactic lesson basics»
-«Using the active forms and methods of training for the formation of general and professional competencies»
-«Managerial skills of a teacher and ways of their further development»
-«Modern approaches to assessing students»
     The following directions can be distinguished in the work of the «Young Teacher’s School»; adaptation work, psychological support, self-education motivation, professional communications organization.
     Adaptation work includes:
1.    Questioning (identifying difficulties in the work at the beginning of the year)
2.    Securing mentors for young professionals
3.    Filling in a diagnostic card of pedagogical skills
     Work on the organization of professional communication includes the establishment of professional communication:
a)    With the mentor – assistance in drawing up course scheduleand reciprocal visiting of classes.
b)    With colleagues on the subject-cycle commission
c)    With the administration
d)    With students and  their parents