The training of a methodically literate teaching staff directly depends on the results of the activities of the experienced teachers who successfully use innovative teaching technologies in their work. As a modern teacher actively explores innovative learning technologies, they improve the level of a professional competence, both on their own and following the others’ example. On this basis, the main goal of the Experienced Teachers' Council (ETC) in college is to enlarge a teacher’s professional competencies and expand best experience by means of introduction of trendsetting technologies into the education process.
This work is carried out through the activities of creative groups in which communication platforms are created to establish the professional contacts and exchange the experience, ideas, professional skills and abilities. The feature of the creative group work is that it is not an association of teachers of cognate disciplines, but a community of teachers working in "cognate" technologies. Such organization of work creates an atmosphere of teachers' interaction for the study and use the trendsetting technologies.
On the basis of ETC, the following creative platforms have experienced in: a dual education system, an ethnic education, a critical thinking, an information technology, a school of interaction. The introduction of a modular learning system to the education process of the college's innovative activity makes allowances to the work of the ETC.
Hence, one of the trends of the ETC is introduction of a module and competence approach to education. The “Modular education” creative platform united the leading experienced teachers of the "Service organization in Hospitality industry" in a dual education, and now the first teachers to introduce modular learning are: Sadykova R.K., Mussina A.Z., Shaikova G.K., Kusainov M.T., Edygenova Z.T. The teachers who have acquired the theoretical knowledge (Musina A.Z., Shaikova G.K., Edygenova Z.T.), organized by the Holding Kasipkor Non-commercial Joint Stock Company, participate in the development of learning documentation, systematize and adjust the academic and methodological complex in disciplines for modular learning. The teachers’ Methodological recommendations and the exchange of experience will be the basis for the introduction of modular learning for the teaching staff in the following majors: "Information systems", "Translation proficiency", "Preschool education and training" and others.
The buddy system which is an efficient and effective way of professional becoming a young specialist has been successfully developed. The teachers Serkebaeva M.K., Ospanov A.Ye., Doschanova G.K., Zhakupova RT, Kaliyeva AG, Katrenova A.K., Sembina S.A. render the guidance in the use of modern methods, techniques and education technologies in the learning process. They promote an individual style of an activity of a young specialist.
Year in year out, the young, vigorous teachers join the staff of the EPC. They are: Magzam A.S., Abuova Zh. Ye., Kassen G.A., Shayakhmetova D.A., Edigenova Z.T., Zhumabayeva Z.A. Having limited experience in teaching, they successfully use new technologies in their teaching activities and have wealth of knowledge to share.
Studying, generalizing and using advanced educational experience allow teachers to conduct the education process, improve the quality of work of the teaching staff, so that teachers could not only identify and implement best experience, but also set tasks to spread it beyond the college.
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