PCK servis2Subject cyclic commission of  “Service, economy and management”  is intended to train student in specialties  “Hotel service organization” and “Tourism”.
Methodical problem of Subject cyclic commission of “Service, economy and management” is “Constructing a modern lesson in the framework of dual training as a condition for the preparation of specialist`s competitiveness”.
Subject cyclic commission of “Service, economy and management” consist of 7 teachers, 5 of them have higher category.
Normative documents, scientific and methodological literature and teaching materials are systematized by teacher ofSubject cyclic commission. These are:
-    Dual training;
-    Research work;
-    Production training.
Professional practice material is systematized in this order:
1.Cross-cutting professional practice programs for all specialties of Subject cyclic commission
2. Excursion routes were created in college
3. Internship programs in travel agency
Partnerships were systematized with these organizations:
1.    Kazakhstan Tourist Association
2.    Travel agency "velvet season"
3.    Travel agency “triumph- travel group”
4.    Travel agency “Destination.kz”
5.    “Young Tourists Club Horizon”
6.    Mouzhendis Travel
7.    Tourist agency “Vleto.kz” in Astana
8.    Beijing Palace Soluxe Hotel Astana
9.    Sultan Beibars Hotel
10.    LLP “Mac service LTD”, Kazzhol Hotel
11.    Zhumbaktas Hotel
12.    Travel agency “Sayat”
13.    Federation of sports tourism and all-round tourist competition of the city of Astana
14.    Center for Children's Youth Tourism and regional studiesof Astana
Students of “Hotel service organization” and “Tourism” specialty participate in research work, competition of professional skills under the guidance of our teachers  andawarded prizes for participation in student scientific conferences:
-participated in the competence championship «WorldSkills Astana”
-participation in seminars on digital and service marketing and total tourism quality management
- “Hello Astana” excursion (virtual excursion in 3 languages)
“Tourism” specialty students` participate in sports activities in the direction of sports and extreme tourism:
1.    in the championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan on sports tourism (mountain hiking)in Western and Northern Tien Shan (3 and 2 standard adult level;
2.    in the tourism championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan (all-round competition) ;
3.    in the annual championship of Astana on water tourism "Su agany" with the support and organization of the Department for combating drug of Astana;
4. in the annual championships of Astana in mountain and ski tourism.

Scheduled competitions for June-August 2019 during the holidays

1.    Mountaineering activities (northern Tien Shan) in June-August 2019. Purpose of the event iscompliance with the standard and getting the badge "mountaineer of Kazakhstan". This is President of the Republic of Kazakhstan program “my homeland is  Kazakhstan”
2.    Participation in the festival of tourism and sports in June 2019. Astana without drugs. Popularization of tourist all-round competitions.
3.    Participation in extreme athletics competitions in August 2019.
4.    Participation in a mountain hike of 1-2-3 difficulty
All these activities are aimed at training a competitive specialist in the specialty "manager" and "service manager".