PCK obsh5

Subject-cycle commission of social and legal disciplines carries out the work in two directions.
Teachers of social disciplines undertake work on teaching History of Kazakhstan, World History, basis of culture studies, political studies and social studies, philosophy. In the college they are ideological center for students’ and teachers’ education. Teachers use interesting methods and admissions on activation of learning abilities by organizing students’ training activities. Promotion activities, excursions in the capital’s museums, meetings and conversations on commemorative dates take a big place after working hours.
Teachers of law subjects work on the 2nd and 3rd courses by implementing tasks of training module. Teachers of law subjects pay great attention to training of professional skills. It is an organization of all types of practice, cooperation with law enforcement of Astana city, such as Criminal court, civil court and administrative court of Astana city, Akmola region Bar, DIA of Astana city, organizations of meetings with representatives of professions.
It is noteworthy an active participation of students of “Jurisprudence” specialty in research work, contests of professional skill where they take prizes places. Attention is given to the questions of the courseworks’ writing.
Graduates of “Lawyer” specialty are working by their profession, taking military service and studying at universities.