PCK obsh4 

The PCC of general education disciplines leads students of 1-2 courses in the following disciplines: mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, geography, BMT, physical education. The task of the PCC of general education disciplines: to teach first-year students to acquire the skills of independent work in the conditions of information and communication technologies. Teachers successfully work in the cyclic commission of general educational disciplines: higher category Kasen G.A., Doschanova G.K., Alpysbaeva A.B., Zaurbekova S.S., Anetova A.T., Smailov R.T, the second category Mukashov A.T. Esentaeva G.T. The work of the teacher M.T. Zhusipbekovaimed at organizing the discipline of BMT, education of patriotism, courage and honor of students. Teachers of physical education Smailov R.T  and A.T. Mukashov fosters the need for a healthy lifestyle, attracting young people to physical education. The PCC of general education disciplines has gained experience in the development and compilation of teaching materials and electronic textbooks, and the use of multimedia lessons. Methodical work is aimed at high-quality teaching of disciplines and professional development of teachers. In the work of teachers, various methods and forms of education are used: lecture and seminar work, lectures with elements of conversation, game lessons using demonstrational training programs, business games, decades, conferences, competitions. Every year, the commission participates in the “Study to Learn” seminar, where first-year students familiarize themselves with the work of the college and the methods of pedagogical activity, the composition of the teaching staff, consider how to work independently, the work of assessment system, preparation for exams, the accumulation of marks for the semester.