PCK raz rus4The mission of the SCС of the Kazakh, Russian languages is responsible. They traın future competitive specialists in accordance with the requirements of the modern market, that is the qualified, educated teachers of the Kazakh language and literature and implement the tasks of the policy of multilinguism in the Kazakhstani society. Particular attention is paid to training of the qualified personnel in accordance with modern trends in society, improvement of the quality of teaching, teaching on the basis of professional specialties and the use of new innovative technologies. The teaching stuff teaches general educational and special subjects. The head of the cycle commission is Altyn Yessirkepkyzy Toqtybekova. The commission consists of 8 teachers: B. A. Akhmetova, M. Onerkhan, O. G. Suminova, R. N. Baitleyeva, A. A. Kokyrova, B. N. Zhetibayeva, Utarova A.N. They are teachers of the first and second categories and masters.
The members of the cyclic commission use various technologies: block modular, information, project in their methodological activities. Teachers form the order and forms of work: participation in pedagogical competitions, in professional competitions, giving ing master classes, conducting the model lessons, participating in the subject week, preparing of articles for publication. The SCC fund lists the textbooks and electronic textbooks on the disciplines "The Kazakh literature", "The Professional Kazakh language", "Documentation management in the state language", and also is working on the replenishment of materials on other disciplines and prepare them for printing.
The development of students' communicative competences is carried out by use of various traditional and non-standard effective forms of work by the teachers: the intellectual marathons and games, the “How well do you know the Kazakh language?” competition, language forums, the scientific and practical linguistic conferences, literary chat rooms, and the expressive reading of a literary text, etc.