PCK in yaz3Nowadays learning a foreign languages is not a goal, it`s some kind of challenge.
There is a list of teachers who help their students studying at qualification of “Guide-translator” of 0512000“Translation profeciancy” to improve a foreign language.
1. A. S. Magzam is the chairman of subject cyclic commission, the teacher of higher category
2. Z. Y. Abuova is Master of Pedogogical Sciences, the teacher of higher category
3. U. A. Almoldayeva is Master of Pedogogical Sciences, Teacher of the SecondCategory
4. U. K. Bayturina is Master of Pedogogical Sciences, the teacher of higher category
5. A. B. Mukhatova is Teacher of the First Category
6. T. Y. Smankulova is English teacher
The commission shows good results:
- High percentage of academic progress and quality of knowledge in the final certification;
- High percentage of entering university;
- Productive work with social partners.
There are Marselo Lopez`s lessons who is a candidate in PhD Nazarbayev University, various meetings with native speakers to improve our students’ language skills.
We also have parthership with social partners which does good in effective training of a competent specialist.
Our teachers pay attention to developing new pedagogical technologies. For example: Project Technology, Interactive teaching methods.
Students of “Translation Major” speciality participated in many city and republic events: Summit OBSE 2010, Asian Winter Games 2011, and International EXPO-2017 Exhibiton.
Our graduates are leading specialist in Palace of Peace and Reconiliation, Palace of Indepedence, National Museum and Translation Bureaus.