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Informatization and computerization of society has become an integral part of our life. The development of other fields of activity is directly interrelated with information technology. For this reason, the subject-cyclic commission ofInformatics and Programming of the College of the Eurasian Humanities Institute faces the important task of building an information culture, both students and teachers.
The activities of the SCC teachers are aimed at improving their own scientific and educational level and the training of relevant personnel in the field of information systems.
The subject-cyclic commission of computer science and programming is a friendly, up-to-date teaching staff of the highest, first and second qualification category, consisting of: G. Kh.Baymukhanbetova, A. G.Kaliyeva, Z. N.Yedigenova, A. A. Saydalin. The head of the cyclic commission is A. G. Kaliyeva. The teachers of the commission annually pass professional advanced training courses, take part with reports in scientific conferences, prepare students for the city and republican contests and conferences.
The joint cooperation of students of the Information systems specialty and the teachers in the creation of electronic textbooks, technical assistance in conducting online classes, in publishing and design activities of the college was an important event in the work of the subject-cycle commission. The students of the specialty are responsible for the technical support of college events, the release of media products.  
To hold a Profi professional competition  among second-year-group students of the specialty with the participation of past graduates who successfully work in the IT departments of the city; to meet with representatives of the profession and the social partners of the college: Kvarta LTD LLP, NAT Kazakhstan JSC, BI-HOLDING LLP, National Information Technologies JSC; to have excursions to automated production: PSC e-gov, Central Administrative Department of Astana Municipal Department of Internal Affairs, Sourepomputer (ENU) has become a tradition.