PCK dvo

The subject of society "Pre-school education and training." The head of the Federal Commission: Sembina Sandugash Amanovna. Commissioner has 11 teachers. These are: Ospanova A.B, Serkebaeva M.K, Sadykova A.Zh, Shayakhmetova D.A., Aimanbetova S.B., Beketova A.S., Idrisova T.M., Tuyakova A.K., Absalyamova T.K, these teachers fall into the first and second categories.
Commission members implement their methodological services using various technologies: they use the technology of equalizing differences, gaming technology and advanced learning technologies to make the lessons more systematic and interesting. Teachers have been trained at pedagogical competitions, city, republican contests, scientific conferences, competitions, open lessons, extracurricular activities. This gives students the opportunity to develop their professional competence and be versatile. It gives students the opportunity to develop their thinking abilities, enrich vocabulary, develop their own ideas, express their thoughts, develop their own language, develop their own language. There are educational materials in the disciplines and electronic textbooks in the disciplines "Theory and Methodology of Language Development", "Pedagogy", "Psychology", "Formation of simple mathematical concepts", "Elements of rhythm choreography" and other materials. publishing house.
Specificity of the specialty - “Montessori technology training”. М.Montessori technology training helps students apply innovative and effective methods.