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Kolledg EAGI

How it was… May 30, 2007
The year of foundation of the college of Eurasian Institute of Humanities is the year of producing the new source of education. The idea of creating a new educational institution capable to prepare specialists demanded in today's society belongs to the Rectorate of Eurasian Institute of Humanities.

Rector A.K Kussainov, first prorector A.J. Ismailov, prorector of scientific and methodical work K.A. Akhmetov, prorector of social and economical problems S.S.Ospanov made  a significant contribution in the Rektor Kusainov A.Kformation and development of the college. It was in the year 2007 on September 1st when the first bell rang. College staff consisted of 17 teachers and headed by Alma Dairovna Ashirbekova welcomed first 222 students and began to make its first steps in the history of college.    Students’ Parliament Elections, College Day celebration, intellectual Olympiads among freshmen were the brightest events of the first year.  The college history began brightly!